After Cole Sprouse (Riverdale), it’s the turn of his twin brother Dylan Sprouse to make his big comeback as an actor: he’ll star in After – Chapter 2 whose release date is scheduled for October 2 in the United States! He got the role of Trevor in the sequel, but why him and not another one? Anna Todd confides in the cast of the ex-star of Zack and Cody’s Palace Life.

After some problems in After – Chapter 1, Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) will face a new obstacle in After – Chapter 2: the arrival of the dangerous Trevor, the student’s colleague at Vance Publishing. The character played by Dylan Sprouse will do anything to seduce Tessa as we saw in the trailer. Anyway, even if some fans might hate Trevor, others are very happy to see Dylan Sprouse in the movies again.

“Dylan made it easy to find the perfect Trevor.”

By the way, why was Cole Sprouse’s twin brother chosen among the other actors who auditioned? “Dylan made it easy to find the perfect Trevor. Before him, we had other names in mind because the fans had ideas for the casting they wanted. But by the time Dylan’s name came out, we thought with Jennifer Gibgot, who’s a producer like me, that he would be great. He’s funny and he brings this casual but intense light on Trevor, which brings a lot of problems for Hardin and Tessa. He’s the perfect balance to Hero (Fiennes-Tiffin, editor’s note),” Anna Todd told ET Canada.

The author of the literary saga After went on to say, “Dylan took Trevor and made it his own. It was cool to see him play because he improved the character. When I was writing, Trevor used to get on my nerves all the time. (…) Dylan really managed to bring him to life.

“Anna Todd was a mentor to me a lot.”

In an interview with Dylan Sprouse, Josephine Langford (Tessa) and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (Hardin), the ET Canada reporter reacted to Anna Todd’s comments about Zack and Cody’s La Vie de palace: “I think I wanted him to be funny and for people to recognize himself in him but at the same time to be professional. Anna coached me and coached all the actors who play the characters in his books. She told me about their eccentricities, what they would do in a day and then we talked about it with each other about how we could collaborate to create the characters. (…) I think we came up with a good mix.