Available since December 11th on Netflix, Après toi, le chaos (El desorden que dejas in original version) continues to be a hit on the platform! If you’ve finished the series – or are watching it – here are 6 secrets about the Spanish show with Inma Cuesta and Aron Piper.

Proof that Spanish series are popular, Netflix now has another hit. After La Casa de Papel, Elite and Valeria, all of which will return for new seasons in 2021, the platform has launched After You, Chaos, a series based on a novel by Carlos Montero, one of the co-creators of Elite. A series in 8 episodes that kept us in suspense. It follows the story of Viruca (Bárbara Lennie) and Raquel (Inma Cuesta), two teachers, in two temporalities. The second will investigate the death of the first.

The series was almost a film

After You, Chaos: 6 Secrets on the Spanish Netflix series

After writing and publishing his novel in 2016, Carlos Montero obviously thought of adapting it. But originally, he was thinking of making it into a movie! It was when Netflix showed interest in the project that the idea of a series came to the table. “Originally, we were thinking of making a movie about it and Netflix came up with the idea. I liked the idea of making a series so that I could develop some of the things I had to put aside in the novel,” said Carlos Montero.

Where was the series shot?

After You, Chaos: 6 Secrets on the Spanish Netflix series

The action of After You, Chaos takes place in a fictional city in Galicia, Spain. It is indeed in this region located in the northwest of Spain that the shooting took place between October 2019 and March 2020. The actors filmed in the cities of Cambre, Oleiros, Ribadavia and near the river Sil. The high school that is the center of the series is actually … a monastery.

Carlos Montero absolutely wanted Aron Piper in Iago

When it came to adapting his novel into a series, Carlos Montero immediately thought of Aron Piper, whom he had already directed in Elite to play Iago, a rebellious and sometimes violent teenager. “I thought only he could play Iago. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with. (…) I didn’t want an actor with a very aggressive acting style. I knew that he, thanks to his talent, would know how to play him. I like his rather calm and reserved but always interesting energy” explained Carlos Montero about the one who plays Ander in Elite.

Inma Cuesta was a fan of the book

After You, Chaos: 6 Secrets on the Spanish Netflix series

It is Inma Cuesta who plays Raquel, the new teacher who will investigate Viruca’s death. The actress was a complete fan of the book, long before she got the role. “I had called my agent because I wanted to buy the rights to the novel. I told him that I wanted to play Raquel and that this book could be a wonderful movie or series,” the star recalled in an interview with E-Cartelera. Bad luck for her, Netflix was already on the case. It was later that Carlos Montero contacted him to play Raquel. All’s well that ends well!

Viruca is (much) less present in the book

This is one of the biggest differences between the novel and the series. In the show, Viruca is very important since she is present in every episode. So it might surprise you to learn that the character is actually very little present in the novel which focuses mainly on Raquel.

A sequel is not planned

After You, Chaos: 6 Secrets on the Spanish Netflix series

No, there will be no season 2 for After You, Chaos. Carlos Montero confirmed that it was a mini-series that would not have a sequel. “It’s a mini-series. It is based on a book. I like series that have a lot of seasons but only when they are designed for that. I like for example Elite or Grey’s Anatomy. I would like it to last 20 seasons. But this one will only have one (…) What could I do if there was a second season? Raquel would become a private detective? It doesn’t make any sense. I had to conclude the story and that’s how it was done. Just like in the novel” he told SensaCine.


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