In 2012, American Pie 4 landed in the cinema and was thought to complete the franchise with this unlikely alumni reunion, organized 14 years after the release of the first film. Surprise, Jim Levenstein’s gang could finally return for new adventures.

American Pie 5 planned

Promised, this is not an April Fool’s Day, it is Tara reid – Vicky’s interpreter, who herself revealed the news at ET’s microphone. Asked about the possibility of a fifth episode, the actress simply confided, “It could be done“.

Nothing crazy in his statement, nothing to ignite? It is not over. She then made it clear, this project would no longer just be in the boxes, it would actually be on the table, “Okay, I can’t tell you when, because I don’t know myself. There, we must succeed in coordinating the agendas of all the players at the same time.“.

According to Tara Reid, this is truly the producers’ mission of the moment. Everything else would even be ready already, “There is a script that is written. And this is one of the best. He is incredible. “So yes, we promise, American Pie 5”will be done“, it’s just a matter of time.

Actors still closely linked

A surprise so much the page seemed to be turned? Not necessarily. The actress confessed, “We all stayed in touch“. And for good reason, American pie has not only marked a generation of spectators, the saga has also had a big impact on the lives of the actors, so much so that there are still attached, “When you grow up with people with whom you share your first success, you cannot forget it.

It is not yet known what this film will be about, but it seems to be coming too soon to realize the dream of Paul Weitz (the creator of the franchise) who was already imagining a new opus … in a retirement home !


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