Lupita Nyong’o was as close to Chadwick Boseman as her character Nakia was to T’Challa. This is the reason why she would be the perfect replacement for the King, after the sudden death of her interpreter. Marvel Studios have already confirmed that no other actor will reprise the role of T’Challa. So we can imagine how difficult it must be for Marvel and the director of the blockbuster to continue the story of Black panther without its main character. As revealed Screen Rant, the best way to keep King T’Challa’s legacy alive would be to see his loyal girlfriend Nakia take his place. Would she be more legitimate for this role than her sister Shuri?

Nakia in Black Panther
Nakia in Black Panther – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Indeed, Nakia would be the ideal candidate to become the new Black Panther for several reasons. First, she is the one who allowed T’Challa to open the doors of Wakanda and its riches to the whole world. She is therefore perfectly familiar with the political issues of the different countries but she also knows how to adapt to life outside Wakanda. As for Shuri, she is undeniably one of the smartest heroines in the world. MCU. She is a huge asset to the other superheroes in the franchise given her incredible technological skills. However, if she were to replace T’Challa, she would have less time to develop her knowledge.. As a bonus, she has lived in Wakanda forever, and it’s unclear if she could adapt to the outside world. While waiting to learn more about the King’s legacy, here is what we know about the future conflict of Black Panther 2.