What future for the rapper?

How to understand that a new album is therefore possible in the months or years to come? A priori, this is unfortunately unlikely. Guest on the show C Tonight last March, the Duke of Boulogne recalled that he was tired of this concept: “The album format, putting pressure on yourself, returning so many songs on such and such a date … I think I’ve had my time“.

Also, through this statement, Booba seems mainly determined to make it clear that he does not intend to stop creating sounds from time to time, when the mood takes him and the inspiration is there. He is also expected to continue signing new artists as he works on a series. Also, while the vaccination is slowly starting to take in the world in order to fight against Covid-19, it is not silly to think that B2O is also preparing to do the show at a few concerts in order to play its latest live performances. parts.

Prepare your agendas, there will surely not be one for everyone!


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