Despite its seniority and success, no series is immune to TF1. As proof, the channel has decided cancel Research Section, Profiling, AND Alice Nevers, but for the moment, only the police programs seem to be in danger. The old ones rather, because a new one has recently appeared: HPI with Audrey Fleurot. Viewers therefore remain hopeful about the future of other creations, such as Clem which is in its season 11.

A season 12 for Clem ?

So the series with Lucie Lucas will it continue with a season 12 or will it experience the same fate as the other cult TF1 shows? The answer still remains a mystery. Waiting, Agustin Galiana (Adrian) remains optimistic about the continuation of Clem : “We will see what happens, if the public is still there or not. It will depend on that. We are ready to continue the series. There are so many family situations that I think we still have plenty of stories to tell. Clem, Adrian, Valentin, Salomé, Marie-France … they are all characters who have been part of the audience’s family for 11 years“, he confides in an interview with The voice of the North.

We still have a lot of stories to tell

Same story on the production side: “Officially, we have no confirmation of what will happen next. We need the public to be there until the end so that TF1 renews its confidence in us. But what is certain is that we still have a lot of stories to tell (…) Everything is possible for the future of the characters. We have the feeling that we really open the field of possibilities at the end of this season 11. And that is precious“, explains Vanessa Clément, artistic producer of Clem, at Allocine. And then, the writers still want to explore the couple of Clem and Mathieu (Loup-Denis Elion seen in Scenes of households)!

In any case, the cancellation of Alice Nevers, Profiling and Research Section do not worry the producer for the rest: “Clem is a bit of an exception in the panorama of French television. A family series, a family drama like that, which takes the length like that, seems to me to be a rather unique case. So we continue to do our job, to reinvent ourselves, to not give up. And we hope that as long as the public will accompany us, the channel will follow us.“Fingers crossed then!


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