Following the dismissal of Johnny Deppis the actor Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) which was chosen by Warner Bros in order to embody Grindelwald in the next films of the cinematographic saga Fantastic Beasts. And as the actor confided, we can already expect a new version of the character.

Asked by Games Radar about his artistic will when taking over this role, Mads Mikkelsen – probably aware of the anger of some fans vis-à-vis this replacement, assured not to have embarked on an imitation of his predecessor.

One character, two different versions

Of course, Johnny Depp’s traces will not be erased in the rest of the franchise, “Since it is a direct sequel, we have put in place some bridges that allow us to recognize [sa version du personnage]“, but the actor immediately made it clear, he mostly appropriated this role.

Also, after praising Depp’s talent, “I’ve been a fan of Johnny Depp since I saw him start and try to bring his intensity or his way into my work, it’s impossible“, Mads Mikkelsen recalled the importance for him, but also for the credibility of the films, to offer a different performance,”I have to find my own way to play it because hers is unique. So I have to put it aside and find a different approach“.

A finally logical confession (nobody wants to see sub-Johnny Depp), but also intriguing. While we can obviously expect a new hair style in order to make a physical transition, we can’t wait to see how his game will stand out. Will he be more in the detention? More in the eyes? See you in July 2022 to find out.