A priori, even if it is still difficult to believe it in view of the current health crisis, the release date of Fast and Furious 9 is set for June 25, 2021 at the cinema. And if we trust the new trailer, we can already expect the most loaded episode in badass action scenes and WTF sequences.

Vin Diesel validates John Cena’s choice

So, get ready to see cars flying through the air, giant magnets smashing everything in town, and our favorite gang going … to space. Yes, you read that right, Dom and his pals are going go straight through the sky to get rid of new threats.

And among the threats to come, we will find in particular John Cena in the skin of Jakob aka … the brother of Dom. A surprising choice on paper, but ultimately logical for Vin Diesel. On the occasion of a press conference in which PRBK was able to participate, the actor declared, “There were so many possibilities and options of actors to cast. I remember when John Cena first came to this shrine that I have and go to to train, meditate, and get closer to Dom. You might think I’m nuts, but when I saw it I had a feeling Pablo, Paul Walker, sent it to me. I called Justin that night to tell him that my guts and my heart told me it was fate, that it was a message. John Cena was to be my brother in this movie.Paul walker that we can also glimpse furtively in the trailer in a very touching sequence.

Women finally present

But this clash between brothers is not the only exciting thing that promises us this trailer. For the first time since the beginning of the saga, women will have a real role to play in this new story and will thus find themselves at the center of epic action scenes. And inevitably, Michelle Rodriguez – who has never hidden her frustration in the past, is more than delighted with this development.

During the press conference, Letty’s interpreter notably revealed, “The studio hired a great screenwriter to develop the female characters. When I saw the movie, it was ‘drop the mic’. I can finally relax. All the women in the saga received an equal amount of love. It warmed my heart. To see Natalie (Emmanuel) doing something other than typing on the keyboard of a computer, to see Anna, this new character, to smash faces and to be a living weapon, to see me in action with Jordana Brewster who is back, it is is what I wanted. I am very happy. “

So there will be something for everyone, even for fans of Tokyo Drift with returns from Han (Sung Kang), Sean (Lucas Black) and Twinkie (Bow Wow).

See you, we hope, on June 25 at the cinema to discover Fast and Furious 9.


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