A few months ago, it was actress Jennifer Aniston who revealed what a very popular detail from Rachel in Friends she had long hated. Today, it is the turn of another star of the cast to make an astonishing confidence. Indeed, Lisa Kudrow, the interpreter of the crazy although endearing Phoebe in the sitcom, has never supported one of the major aspects of her character. A really disabling detail for the latter since it is about his propensity to want to play the guitar all the time, a fundamental element in the narrative construction of the young woman. The reason ? Lisa Kudrow has always been zero in music, and especially in guitar!

Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe in the sitcom Friends
Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe in Friends sitcom – Credit (s): NBC

I didn’t like the guitar. I didn’t understand her“she confided in an interview that we can find here. Before adding: “I even think I asked [sur le tournage] : And why don’t I play bongo instead? ” An idea that did not appeal to the co-creators of the series who preferred to push her to take private lessons in order to improve. A difficult period for the actress who had to adapt as best she could: “I didn’t know the actual names of the chords, but I made up names to help me remember what my hand should do.” Lucky for her, Phoebe on the sitcom was never a real guitar virtuoso! A detail that allowed him to quickly stop lessons. On a related note, also check out which episode with Joey Matthew Perry (Chandler) hated filming in Friends.