Game Of Thrones, it’s not just a complex universe and spin-offs in which we get lost a little to which the boss of HBO has also put a brake, it is above all a brand. And it is thanks to the leg of HBO that the series has taken off as well, worthy representative of the chain. However HBO also has some quirks and especially concerning nudity, very present in Game Of Thrones. In a recent interview, actress Natalie Emmanuel, who played Missandei, spoke about why this has been a problem for her in her career. “When I made Game of Thrones, I had an agreement for a certain degree of nudity in the series.”

Missandei – Credit (s): hbo

An agreement widely exploited by Game Of Thrones, but which also had consequences long after the end of the series for Natalie Emmanuel. “In fact for the folks in the other projects, since I had agreed to be naked in Game of Thrones, they assumed it was always ok for me for any role with nudity.”. Only as the actress explained, this kind of choice is made on a case-by-case basis, especially if she feels that the nudity scenes are not useful to the plot, as has often been the case in the 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. Enough to once again highlight the progress to be made in terms of the representation of women’s bodies on TV and elsewhere.