He then confides: “This album was a desire, and I’m glad I did, but I don’t think I’ll ever rap again, actually. The sound with Nekfeu is my last rap sound. I think this is my last rap verse, there won’t be any more.“A surprise announcement, but in reality, Gims will return to rap one last time during The Return of the Kings tour by Sexion d’Assaut, postponed to 2022 : “The reunion will be joyful, people will relive a lot of things. Big moment of memory, a lot of thrills a lot of emotion, I think. It’s gonna be a while to live“, tease the interpreter of Bella.

Gims for the 2022 Mondial anthem?

Otherwise, it is rumored that Gims (formerly Maitre Gims) would be approached to produce the anthem for the 2022 World Cup. For this, he “will settle very soon and for several months in Doha, the capital of Qatar (where will have place the Mondial, editor’s note) “if we believe the information from the Parisian.