Season 3 of Good Girls, which went online in VOST at the end of July, is now available in French on Netflix and continues to attract subscribers. Good news: the series with Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman will have a Season 4. Here’s what we already know about what’s next.

Beth, Ruby and Annie haven’t said their last word! Launched in 2018 on NBC, Good Girls which is available in France on Netflix will be back for a season 4. If the last episode of season 3 didn’t really give you the impression of a finale, it’s normal : the shooting of the series was interrupted because of the Coronavirus crisis. The actors had shot scenes from episodes 12 and 13 which unfortunately couldn’t be finished. But the showrunner Jenna Bans and the producer Bill Krebs have already given clues about the sequel.

A well-planned Season 4

Good Girls Season 4

After the improvised end of season 3, a season 4 of Good Girls is well on the program. The news was confirmed last May. We don’t know for the moment how many episodes it will be composed of nor when it will arrive in the United States on NBC. The shooting could not resume for the moment because of the crisis related to the Coronavirus.

Changes to come

Good Girls Season 4

When the last episode aired in the United States last May, Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs had confided in each other about the sequel, explaining that they wanted to take Good Girls in a new direction. “We’re doing a lot of things we haven’t done before and there will be a lot of things we haven’t seen. We’re going to see these women out of their comfort zone” teases the showrunner on TVLine. For his part, the producer also teases a new mystery to solve. Season 4 of Good Girls should start with the five episodes deleted due to the interruption of the shooting. “It will be very exciting and satisfying,” says Jenna Bans.

A personal business for Phoebe

Good Girls Season 4

In season 3, Phoebe (Lauren Lapkus) who is actually an FBI agent seemed to be on the verge of discovering the secret of the girls. She will obviously still be there in the sequel. “What’s interesting about Phoebe is that we’re going to get into a more personal sphere with her,” tease Jenna Bans who adds to Entertainment Weekly: I think part of her wants to be a part of it, she never had that when she grew up and she wants to be like them. Her relationship with Beth is getting very, very complicated. We can’t wait!