Between 2007 and 2012, The CW aired the series Gossip Girl who revealed Blake lively, Penn badgley or Leighton Meester. In the summer of 2019, we learned thata reboot was in preparation : instead of following the characters years after or telling the story again, it will focus on a new generation of students at Constance Billard, the famous private school from the original series. Postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the series is coming soon and we can not wait to discover it!

The reboot of Gossip Girl is revealed and it promises to be hot

After the first teaser and the presentation of the characters of the reboot of Gossip Girl, this first trailer of the series gives a real glimpse of what awaits us. The opportunity to discover that Whitney Peak who plays Zoya Lott will be the “new Dan”: new pupil, she will quickly find herself in the center of all eyes when Obie (Eli Brown) who is nevertheless in a relationship will approach her . The life of high school students will be even more complicated with the return of Gossip Girl still voiced by Kristen Bell. Exit the blog, it is on Instagram that the anonymous crow will reign terror.

This video to see without delay in our slideshow therefore teases scandals, romantic reconciliations, parades, glamorous outfits but also hotter scenes like a threesome. Yes, Gossip Girl will not have lost its sexy side and that’s good! In addition to that, creator Joshua Safran explained that the reboot would be more inclusive than the original series.

The reboot of Gossip Girl premieres July 8 in the US on HBO Max which will air one episode per week. In France, the series will soon be broadcast on Warner TV.