After Anthony Alcaraz, Marvin Tillière, Adixia, Kim glow or Sarah Fraisou, Greg Yega in his turn launches into music. He made his debut in The Marseillais VS The Rest of the World 5 with the remix of Poquito with his friend Thibault Garcia and moved up a gear in The Marseillais in Dubai because thanks to Jessica Thivenin’s husband, he was able to record his first single entitled I fly. A first single finally available in full as well as the clip in which a detail calls out: the absence of Maëva Ghennam.

Greg Yega releases his first single “J’Fly”

The video therefore seems to have been shot after the break between Greg Yega and Maëva, hoping that Bebew does not regret the passages where he quotes his ex as “posed in the villa with my Maëva“and”DJ turn up the volume I want to see Ghennam twerkHe finally chose another girl to tweet in the clip. I fly. On the other hand, we do find his friends Paga and Thibault Garcia who also have the right to a small dedication in Greg’s song. The three brothers surround themselves with dancers to get involved in a huge villa in Dubai: “I wanna see everyone with their hands up the bebews“, let’s go!

Internet users validate

If some reality TV candidates are sometimes tackled for their musical career, Greg Yega, he seems to have convinced Internet users with his first single: “A sound to get excited about this summer, it’s so catchy“,”in real life for your first single it is heavy. You have all the codes to make it work“,”thank you to Thibault for helping Greg for his single which manages to phew“,”she is sick the instrument“,”your dream is well realized with your clip which is already a hit with the highest thanks to Thibault and Paga and DJ Asad“, can we read in the comments.


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