Jackson Avery will soon be saying goodbye in Grey’s Anatomy. We could see it with the trailer for the next episode of season 17 of the medical series, the character played by Jesse williams will leave the show in the unpublished broadcast on May 20 in the US. For their reunion on screen after 3 years, April and Jackson did not get back together even if the series left the door wide open: the parents of little Harriet decided to leave Seattle to settle together in Boston, Jackson taking the head of the Avery foundation and April being now separated from Matthew. Something to hope for a reunion … off the screens. But why this choice?

Sarah Drew defends the absence of a kiss between April and Jackson

Some Japril fans were a little disappointed that they didn’t see a kiss between the two characters in episode 14 of season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy. But Sarah drew and Jesse Williams leaving the show on this plot are perfectly satisfied with the open ending reserved for their characters. In a live Instagram this Friday, they mentioned a possible spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy centered on Japril but also explained why the two doctors did not really get back together.

For me, they’ve grown so much in the past and in this episode. (…) It was logical that they weren’t impulsive at the time. Jackson asked him a huge thing, he is vulnerable and passionate. (…) For me, it would be almost too early to see them kissSarah Drew confided as you can see below at around 9pm.