Since Legitimate, it’s unattainable for Hatik to go unnoticed! Franck Gastambide’s series, soon back with a season 2, gave an enormous enhance to the rapper’s musical profession: the artist has additionally acquired an enormous success together with his singles Angela and The most effective !

Hatik confides within the notoriety

In the present day, he launched his first album “Wave to the soul” carried by the sound To Mélanie in tribute to Diam’s : “He is someone who was at the top and who overnight decided to stop everything. I find it very strong mentally to give up all that to go and live simply. I admire his choice“, Hatik confides in an interview with PRBK.

Diam’s simply wished to get away from stardom, however how the interpreter of Apash in Validated, who will not be back in season 2, does he reside the notoriety? “It’s heavy, but you have to live with it, it’s part of the job. But it is true that when you have periods when you are less recognized, you appreciate. There I was on vacation in Mexico. When I took a picture, it was like borderline: ‘Yeah that’s cool’. Because it happened once in a while and it wasn’t overwhelming“, Hatik replies.

Particularly for the reason that rapper hadn’t actually deliberate to turn into so well-known … and to be picked up by so many fans : “I am not popular by calculation, I am popular instinctively. When I did Angela and The Best, it wasn’t because I wanted to be popular. I wanted to do these songs.

Interview by Julien Gonçalves. Unique content material. Don’t reproduce with out citing


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