While the principle of a show like The Voice is to choose candidates only thanks to their voice (before the bonuses), Fabien Lecoeuvre – press attaché for many stars and musical columnist, took advantage of his time at Arts-mada to affirm that the physique is at least as important as the talent.

More handsome faces on the side of artists in France?

Asked to comment on the new French scene, the one who worked with Michel Polnareff in particular said this, “I think that the role of the beautiful singer has been neglected today. Like Sacha Distel, Johnny … People with faces. They filled magazines with their photos at the time. When you see these guys today, frankly … Out of politeness everyone says it’s great, fine … But you don’t put a Tony Guedj poster in your room“.

An astonishing criticism which he assured to say in the 8th degree, “I wouldn’t allow myself to say that about someone“, although this general subject seems to really weigh on him,”When are we going to get handsome guys? Or sublime girls? (…) What we haven’t understood today is that to resell records, resell magazines, you need beautiful people.

Hoshi attacked on his physique

And among the artists targeted by Fabien Lecoeuvre, not sufficiently good-looking to exist legitimately according to him, we find Calogero, Florent Pagny, Christophe Maé or even Hoshi. And it’s the latter – nominated for the Victoires de la Musique 2020, which found itself at the center of particularly violent criticism, “When you look at Hoshi for example, who has an incredible, indisputable talent … But hey, you put a poster of Hoshi in your room, do you? She is scary!

The chronicler made a point of recalling it, he did “nothing against this girl who is brilliant, who has talent“But he would still prefer that she use this talent behind the scenes for the benefit of other people,”But let her give her songs to sublime girls! As there were Vanessa Paradis, Sylvie Vartan, Sheila at 20 or Françoise Hardy. Finally, there are plenty of wonderful performers, I’m sure there are!

The singer reacts, “You are throwing up

And inevitably, these attacks, as violent as they are unjustified, have not gone unnoticed. On Twitter, the singer – who can count on many supporters, immediately reacted by saying, “So serious to say this kind of thing. Do we offer him a poster or a mirror? I hesitate. “

Then, faced with attempts at apologies and explanations from Fabien Lecoeuvre, Hoshi was strong and uncompromising towards a misogynistic, insulting and old-fashioned discourse, “I don’t want you in my concerts. My concerts are safe places for my audience. Your words are too serious for you to be a good person. (…) And the “it doesn’t change anything” lol. I am “scary, ugly” I should “give my titles to others” but hey, I have talent anyway so Mister wants to come see me in concert anyway? Fucking patriarchal response. You are throwing up. (…) It is because of people like you that young people give up their dreams, not because of the record companies.


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