Already announced with 75% unseen footage, Justice League’s Snyder Cut will stand out even more from Joss Whedon’s version through its tone. As Zack Snyder has promised, his own film – destined for the HBO Max platform in 2021, will be significantly more violent and vulgar than the result offered in 2017.

It is not yet known when the Justice League’s Snyder Cut will be released exactly in 2021, but we can already expect a great show. In an interview with EW, director Zack Snyder – who is still working on the post-production and new editing of the film, which is currently estimated to last about four hours – was enthusiastic about the upcoming result.

A violent Justice League on the program

Justice League: Snyder Cut will be much more violent and vulgar than the 2017 film

This movie is going to be crazy and so epic. And it will probably get an ‘R‘ rating. Yeah, it’s really going to be an R-Rated version. We haven’t had the MPAA (Motion Pictures American Association) back yet, but that’s what I feel deep down inside,” he revealed with excitement. And if in France such a classification is generally equivalent to a simple warning of the kind “not recommended for under-12s” or even “under-16s“, it should be noted that superhero films are usually reserved for the general public in order to attract the largest number of viewers in theaters and thus make the production profitable.

In other words, this possible “R” next to the Snyder Cut will not be a mere unimportant detail. Zack Snyder revealed it, by freeing himself from the obligation to offer a “family” result – notably thanks to the release of this version on HBO Max, he can now stage a more mature and credible story, “There’s a scene where Batman unleashes a “fuck”. Cyborg isn’t exactly happy with his life when he meets the Justice League, and he has a habit of speaking his mind. And Steppenwolf is definitely the type to cut people in half. So this classification will be related to violence and vulgarity“.

Justice League: Snyder Cut will be much more violent and vulgar than the 2017 film

And when you remember the strength of a film like Logan, also classified “R” in his day, it’s hard not to be excited about this new twist.


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