The idea of saying goodbye to La Casa de Papel at the end of season 5 is depressing, but the designers should nevertheless offer us a pleasing result. According to actor Enrique Arce (Arturo), the ambition has once again been raised. Beware spoilers.

Season 5? “It’s crazy!”

It’s no longer a secret, season 5 of La Casa de Papel will be the last of the series. On this occasion, the creators have obviously decided to strike a big blow by offering us a breathtaking ending. At least that’s what Enrique Arce, the brilliant interpreter of Arturo, suggests.

Despite a confidentiality clause that prevents him from teasing anything, “I can’t say anything about the upcoming episodes,” the comedian still couldn’t hide his excitement from Efe, “But it’s crazy. With season 5] we’re proving that productions can be as good in Spain as in the US when you put your money where your mouth is“.

A more impressive shoot than ever

Listening to him, Netflix would indeed have taken out the checkbook to allow the creative team to stage the most incredible conclusion. According to Enrique Arce, today’s La Casa de Papel would have absolutely nothing to do with the fiction of 2017, “At the beginning of the series, we were shooting an average of one episode in a week and a half. Then, when we were renewed for seasons 3 and 4, we had a rhythm of one episode shot in two or three weeks“.

Nowadays? The ambition would have been raised a notch again with more and more ideas and means put in place to make them a reality, “For season 5, we now need to count between one and a half and two months per episode“. Admittedly, the new shooting conditions linked to the Covid-19 epidemic are not unrelated to this, but the actor also assured him, this evolution is mainly voluntary, “From now on, what we shoot is similar to films“.

We don’t yet know when Season 5 will be posted on Netflix, but we are already trembling with excitement as we think about the Professor’s future plans to surprise us one last time.


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