After a few years of hiatus, Dylan o’brien is back! The actor seen in the saga The labyrinth (do our quiz to find out if you really remember the trilogy) is the star of Love and Monsters movie in which he plays Joel Dawson, a young man who survived a monster apocalypse and will embark on a dangerous adventure. The film was originally due to be released in theaters but the Covid-19 pandemic upset plans: released on VOD in the USA, it was finally uploaded to Netflix in the rest of the world. And it was a good idea since he is already number 1 on the platform in France.

The director gives his opinion on a sequel to Love and monsters

At the end of the film, the script left the door wide open to a possible 2nd part : after having found his colony and the bunker, devastated by monsters, Joel and his friends decided to go to the mountains. Joel was also sending a message to the survivors via his radio to also leave their shelters and a new adventure began. According to film director Michael Matthews, the end of Love and monsters was not however seen as a possible opening towards a franchise. The director confides that he has not approached this film as a saga … even if there are many possibilities! “There are discussions (on a sequel, editor’s note). I have some interesting ideas!“he teased in an interview given to Decider. We imagine that the success of the film on Netflix could be decisive for a second part which, for the moment, is not officially in development.

Michael Rooker ready to reprise his role

Michael Matthews isn’t the only one ready for a sequel: Michael rooker who plays Clyde, one of the survivors who crosses paths with Joel, said he was also enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a second part. “I would love ! It’s a great role. It would be funny to continue the story, bring more nuance and see Clyde and Minnow again“He confided. We validate!


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