There is something for everyone when it comes to movies on Netflix. Do you like dramas and statuette movies? There is Mank by David Fincher or Pieces of a Woman, nominated for the Oscars. Are you more romantic comedies? The sagas To all the boys I’ve loved and The Kissing Booth are available. Do you like explosive films? Tyler rake, 6 Underground or Lost ball, which will have a sequel, are also on the platform. If you’re more of a survival movie, that’s also possible. And with Dylan o’brien at the casting, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it!

Love and monsters, what does it say?

The world as we know it no longer exists. Seven years earlier, an asteroid threatened to destroy Earth and, wanting to prevent the impact, Humans released chemicals into nature that caused mutations in animals. 95% of the population was killed and the few survivors decided to hide and live underground. Seven years after the apocalypse, Joel Dawson reconnects with Aimee, the girl he loved before the drama. Desperate to find her, he will leave his bunker to embark on a very dangerous adventure.

Dylan O’Brien returns to humor and action

If you like Dylan O’Brien, Love and monsters is already a must. Since the end of the Labyrinth in 2018, Dylan O’Brien had been quite discreet and had been missed. In Love and monsters directed by Michael Matthews, he’s completely at the center of the story and present in almost every scene (and we’re not going to complain). The role of Joel reminds us a bit of Stiles Stilinski, the character he played in Teen wolf thanks to this humor in which the actor shines.

Love and monsters There is also no shortage of action with 100% monstrous confrontations. Scenes of stunts that Dylan O’Brien has done for the most part, despite some reluctance. : in March 2016 on the set of the last film of the saga The labyrinth, the actor was seriously injured during a stunt who went wrong (he was injured by a car after a fall and had broken bones in half of his face, in addition to having a concussion). “Even today, when I’m on a set and I do a stunt, when there is action, I am a little irritable. I have a certain degree of anxiety in me and I don’t know if it will ever go away.“he told Variety for the release of Love and monsters in the USA.

An Oscar nominated film

Yes, you read that right : Love and monsters is nominated for the Oscars! More particularly for the best special effects award. The film features realistic, creepy monsters and crisp visuals that take us even deeper into the apocalypse. Add to that a 100% cute doggie who forms a shocking duo with the hero, funny and endearing secondary characters and a story that holds up and you have a great success!

Love and monsters is available today on Netflix.


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