In season 5 of Lucifer, a new character is going to land in Los Angeles and it is possible that Ella is in the heart of a love triangle!

The second part of season 5 of Lucifer is eagerly awaited by all fans of the series. Episode 8 ended with a great twist that made all the Lucifans’ mouths water! As Lucifer, Michael and Amanadiel embarked on a heavenly battle, God had to intervene. Ella, on the other hand, sank after the betrayal of her new boyfriend. She put her trust in him, but he turned out to be a serial killer. As much as to say that the young woman will be upset when she returns from the series… However, it is possible that Ella will find some happiness again and be at the heart of a love triangle in seasons 5 and 6 of Lucifer!

In season 4 of Lucifer, Dan and Ella had gotten closer and this relationship was put on hold for season 5…
However, it is possible that the two characters will get closer in the next episodes. In addition, an actor of Hart of Dixie, Scott Porter, joins the casting for the ultimate episodes of Lucifer. TVLine brought some crisp details about his role in the diabolical series. The actor will play Carol Corbett, described as a detective from Dan’s past who joins the LAPD and quickly makes a connection with Ella. But then, is it possible that Ella’s heart is shared between Dan and this new character? That is a possibility, but until we know more, find out if Lucifer and Michael might reconcile in Lucifer’s Season 5.


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