It’s official, Netflix announced it, Lucifer‘s season 6 will be the last of the series. Also, Joe Henderson – its creator, now has the heavy task of imagining the best possible ending, capable of satisfying the fans and solving the ongoing intrigues. Will he also be able to take the opportunity to imagine a new encounter with the Arrowverse? He has just answered the question. Beware of spoilers.

It was one of the big surprises of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Tom Ellis made a little cameo as Lucifer in episode 9 of season 6 The Flash on the occasion of the gigantic crossover in the Arrowverse. An appearance that logically made the fans happy at the time and that questions us today. While season 6 of Lucifer is announced as the last one, can we expect to see the series offer itself a final encounter with these superheroes in order to leave in beauty?

Some crossovers before leaving?

That’s just the question Télé-Loisirs asked Joe Henderson, the co-creator of Lucifer. His answer? “We’ve thought about it, but for the moment we’re not going to do it. The truth is that we have 10 episodes and we have the characters we have. We want to go out in style!” In other words, with only 10 episodes on the counter – which will be shorter, the fault of Covid-19 who upset the plans – the priority will be to focus on the real heroes of the series so as not to stupidly rush the resolution of the plots by getting lost in unnecessary bonus stories.

That said, it is worth remembering that Joe Henderson hates to disappoint the public. Also, he couldn’t help but reveal that it was still impossible for him to close the door to a reunion with Constantine, “We’ve talked about it. (…) One should never say never“. Nevertheless, he immediately made it clear, even if this possibility is in the corner of his head, it is far from being his priority at the moment, “Once again, we have 10 episodes and we want to do justice to our characters and give them a chance to shine. We haven’t finished writing the season (…) at the moment, we’re focused on our characters and their stories. And there are so many fun things to tell.

Our fingers are crossed.


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