The hidden talent of Luke Newton

The career of Luke newton Didn’t wait for Colin Bridgerton in Netflix’s event series The Bridgertons Chronicle to really take off. On the contrary, it has been more than ten years since the 28-year-old actor has been playing comedy, since we have notably been able to discover in the series The Cut (2010) and The Lodge (2016), but also in the cult musical The Book of Mormon (2013) performed in London.

Yes, you read that right, Luke Newton doesn’t just recite a text in front of a camera, he is also able to sing and play an instrument on stage. A suprise ? Not that much. Before starting out as an actor, he went through the prestigious London School of Musical Theater, which allowed him to learn his scales and learn alongside the best.

A real passion for music

In addition, music is so important in his life that he could have focused his career on this activity. Asked by FuckingYoung what he would have liked to have done if he hadn’t become an actor, Luke Newton simply replied, “Probably be a singer. I grew up listening to Elvis with my grandmother. I spend a lot of my time singing and still use my voice from time to time. I did it in the last episode of Bridgerton“He then clarified it, he dreams of playing in a musical in the cinema,”Acting has always been my main passion, but I love being able to combine the two and play as a singer on occasion.“.


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