An even more breathtaking intrigue

Might as well warn you right away: you will not be bored in front of season 2 of Lupine and even less in front of the first two episodes. The action resumes just after the end of episode 5: Assane comes face to face with Guedira, as he searches for his son. And from there, we embarked on a crazy race. Well, the twists and turns are not the most surprising, but the series gives us an even more breathtaking plot than in season 1, with ever higher stakes for the characters.

This season 2 also always puts the city of Paris in the spotlight. After the Louvre, the teams installed their cameras in the catacombs but also at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Two places that serve history and that we take pleasure to discover from all angles thanks to the series. More than ever, the environment in which Assane operates is important, determining and serves history.

A sequel more focused on Assane’s quest

This part 2 brings us closer to Assane and his quest for revenge. The obstacles will follow one another and these 5 episodes are not embarrassed by subplots as was a bit the case during season 1. The series tightens on “the confrontation” between Assane and Pellegrini which will culminate in the last episode. This season 2 is definitely darker than the first part, a logical evolution and which is not unpleasant. In addition to Omar Sy, always impeccable in the role of the gentleman burglar, other actors like Soufiane Guerrab (Guedira) or Antoine Gouy (Ben) are entitled to their moment of glory.

An end that gives hope for season 3

It’s already official: Lupine will have a season 3. If the end of season 2 does not leave us on a huge cliffhanger, the conclusion of episode 10 gives hope for the sequel. In any case, it has the merit of intriguing and opening up many possibilities to continue telling the story of Assane. To discover it, however, it will take a long time.