After HPI, Christopher Bayemi landed the lead role in Luther, the French adaptation of the British series, sure TF1. He plays Theo Luther, a cop who fell into depression after an accident with a killer of children. Once recovered, he resumes his duties at the Paris Criminal Brigade and meets Alice (Chloé Jouannet) whom he suspects of being his parents’ murderer. A toxic relationship then sets in between them. A toxic relationship that will continue in season 2?

A season 2 for Luther?

For the moment, TF1 has not announced anything yet, but the continuation is not impossible since the show with Idris Elba was entitled to 5 seasons: “We must wait to see the hearings“, explained Christopher Bayemi in an interview with Star TV. The hearings of Luther do not break records like those of HPI with Audrey Fleurot, but still remain reasonable, despite a drop in one week: 4,260,000 viewers for the first broadcast evening and 3.42 million for the second evening. The final season will surely determine the future of the series with Chloé Jouannet and Christopher Bayemi.

In any case, the main actor is already ready for season 2 of Luther: “For my part, I am starting as much as the relationship between Luther and Alice develops in season 2 and 3 and the masks will fall. The characters still have a lot to tell.“You just have to cross your fingers then!