The French version of the British series Luther ends this June 10, 2021 on TF1 and a question arises: will there be a sequel? Here are some answers.

The brand new TF1 series tells the story of Theo Luther, played by Christopher Bayemi, who returns to the Paris Criminal Brigade unit after a depression, and who must both fight crime and its old demons. Viewers were therefore able to discover the six episodes on the front page, and are already waiting firmly for a sequel. But is it being considered?

A season 2 for Luther on TF1?

For now, TF1 has still not announced season 2 for Luther. Just like the series Plan B, the channel waits to see the audiences of the final to consider a renewal. Until then, the front page series has risen to the top every Thursday night as it faces Chernobyl which was also an audience card on M6. This nice score could therefore allow Luther to be renewed for a season 2, especially since the British version is made up of 5 seasons. TF1 therefore has material to write a sequel!

Casting side, Christopher Bayemi, who plays the main role of fiction, says he is ready to take on Theo Luther’s costume again at Star TV : ” For my part, I am starting as much as the relationship between Luther and Alice (played by Chloé Jouannet, Editor’s note) develops in season 2 and 3 and the masks will fall off. The characters still have a lot to tell. “It only remains for TF1 to give the green light for the future. In the meantime, you can still (re) see the episodes in replay on MYTF1.