Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t know Harry Potter

Generation Z is making itself heard more and more and it is giving everyone old bumps. While the famous Millennials spend their time pulling out the “nostalgia” card and telling whoever wants to hear it that they were lucky enough to grow up during the time of the film saga Harry potter (where some have to settle for the wobbly franchise Fantastic Beasts), Millie Bobby Brown just made a shattering revelation.

Asked by MTV News, the star of Stranger Things – born in 2004, has indeed confessed to never having seen the adaptation of the work of JK Rowling, “I have never watched Harry Potter. I have so many friends who look at me askance and say, ‘How is that possible?’ and I don’t know what to answer“.

A particularly ironic statement when we know that an Internet user recently had fun at Deepfaker her face on Emma Watson’s in order to see her play Hermione.

The actress not a fan of the MCU, nor of DC

But Millennials rest assured, Millie Bobby Brown is no more aware of what belongs to her own generation. Where superheroes seem omnipresent on our screens, whether at the cinema or in the series world, the actress revealed, “I’ve never seen a single Marvel movie, and I’ve never watched a DC movie. I know it’s crazy“.

Would the actress have an overloaded schedule or would she be allergic to works deemed too old? Nothing of that. The one who considers herself an absolute fan of Friends is just not drawn to these kinds of films. “It’s not my thing, even though I’m open to it“she said, before adding,”Only I never said to myself, ‘Oh, I absolutely have to watch this movie’. I’m more drawn to films like Never Forget. Let’s put more romance in the movies“.

Above all, between his role in Stranger Things (an ultra-referenced SF series pop-culture level) or its presence in the franchise Godzilla, the actress already feels too close to these big sagas and therefore needs other things, “I am not crazy [de ce genre de films] because I’m a part of it myself. I’m already doing this stuff so I wanna see things that feel real to me“.


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