Last October, Fabienne Carat shocked fans of More beautiful life : after playing Samia for 15 years, she decided to say goodbye to the series. Its last episode aired at the beginning of January and caused debate. Some viewers found that Samia’s disappearance was completely botched. Moreover, since that day, we still didn’t know what had really happened to Samia … until last week.

Samia died in More beautiful life

Stupor and surprise: Samia died in More beautiful life. In any case, this is what the writers of the soap opera broadcast on France 3 want us to believe. This Friday, April 2, Jean-Paul (Stephane Henon) discovered that the body of his ex-wife and that of her brother, Malik, were found after a car accident in Algeria. A moving moment for the police officer and Samia’s relatives. Following the broadcast of the episode, Fabienne Carat, who we could see in Research Section, at reacted indirectly by retweeting and liking many messages on Twitter.

Is this a fake death?

But is Samia really dead? Some Internet users do not believe it and think that the writers simply wanted to make believe in the death of the former heroine. And they’re not the only ones to think so. Asked by TeleStar on the tragic fate of Samia, Stéphane Hénon made a point of recalling a detail which is important: we did not see the body of Samia in the series. “Jean-Paul did not see Samia’s body. I like to leave the doors open.” did he declare. More beautiful life is she preparing a new twist for Samia? Nothing is impossible and we want to believe it!


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