Gibbs will he leave to the arm of Marcie, a new heroine?

Is his arrival in the series simply the fruit of chance or should it be seen as a sign that the actor wants to complete this 18-year-old adventure in a pretty way by celebrating it with his loved ones? This is the question that was put by EW to Pam Dawber. His answer ? “My appearance has absolutely nothing to do with [une envie de clin d’oeil final]. It’s just a good story“.

The actress then assured it, through Gibbs’ meeting with Marcie Warren, the creators “do not see beyond the plot. A good story is a good story. And honestly we don’t even know how it’s gonna end ! “In other words, it would be useless to over-analyze its presence in NCIS, Marcie Warren would only be a heroine like any other, who could have been played by any actress.

Pam Dawber opens up about her place in the series

Moreover, Pam Dawber made a point of clarifying it, fiction will not have fun joining reality. If she and Mark Harmon have been having the perfect love for over 30 years, Marcie will not be used for romantic purposes for Gibbs, “Before signing, I spoke to the writers and producers to say, ‘If this is to become a romantic interest, I’m not interested!’ And they told me that was not the case at all, that it was not at all what was envisaged“. So no, Gibbs is not going to leave the series on the arm of this new woman. Marcie will not be a pretext for this eventuality.

Even more intriguing, when EW wanted to know if her appearance in 4 episodes of this season 18 will be simply a one-time hit, the actress confessed, “I’m not sure it’s over“. What to understand that Marcie could return in season 19? If this were to be the case, it implies that the leader of the team could also be back next year. After all, the heroine will almost pass. all of his scenes with McGee’s mentor …

In short, you will understand, we are not at the end of our surprises with NCIS and Gibbs.


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