Regé-Jean Page is now targeting cinema

It’s official, Regé-Jean Page will not be back in The Bridgertons Chronicle on the occasion of season 2, production of which should begin soon. According to the first rumors, it is the actor who would have kindly slammed the door of the series (in agreement with the conditions of his initial contract), even though the creators were desperate to convince him to stay a little longer.

A surprise so much the fiction of Netflix is a real success in the world? Yes but no. Thanks to this unexpected box, Regé-Jean Page is now in demand everywhere, especially in the cinema where we will soon be able to find him in a film. alongside Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. And inevitably, the interpreter of Simon Basset does not want to miss this wave.

The actor ready to play James Bond?

A professional choice which therefore makes sense, but which above all also relaunches a big rumor: Regé-Jean Page could be the new James Bond. Unofficially, it would indeed be the new darling of the producers of the cinematographic saga to succeed Daniel Craig. So, did the actor dutifully quit Bridgerton in order to materialize this chance to get the role of agent 007? This is the question he correctly answered with The Mirror.

Ah, the B-word. I think the moment you are British and do something that gets noticed, that other people realize, then people are bound to start talking about you.“at first tempered the star. However, the actor did not hide it, the idea of ​​playing James Bond is not to displease him. Also, without ever confirming anything, he has everything likewise the door opened to such a hope, “I think [ces rumeurs] are normal, and I am flattered to be placed in the same category of British actors also mentioned [Tom Hardy, Idris Elba…]. Nothing more, nothing less“.

Regé-Jean Page is not just a good actor, he also handles tongue-in-cheek language very well. To be continued.


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