Rick & morty… the film ?

Originally, Rick and morty is an animated series broadcast on Adult Swim since 2013. However, faced with the incredible success of the crazy adventures of the mad scientist and his grandson, the creators have never hesitated to extend this universe through different mediums, whether through comics or video games. Next step, the cinema? It is not impossible.

If Scott Marder (producer) admitted to Digital Spy that such a project “would be intimidating“, he quickly clarified that it was not inconceivable,”I wouldn’t be really shocked if there was to be one popping out of the boxes someday“Any particularly exciting news? Yes, but it’s still too early to get carried away.

A complicated project

The producer then recalled it, he is now satisfied with what the series offers, “I already feel like every episode is like a movie“. Especially where the creative team is already suffering a lot when it comes to renew / refresh Rick & morty every year in order to continue to surprise the public (which explains the long waits between the different seasons), such a project could require, at the same time, a more substantial and heavy dose of work, “A film should be the equivalent of a trilogy. We already load so many stories. It should be really epic“. Not sure that Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon want to inflict this on themselves.

Remarks confirmed by Spencer Grammer (the US voice of Summer), who added that she was not even sure to see the added value of a film, “I find that there are already a lot of things in the episodes that are canon, which allow the series to grow over the seasons. It would be hard to feel satisfied with just a movie“. You will understand, as long as the series will still be broadcast and still have things to tell, a film Rick & morty might be a bad idea. It will therefore be necessary to be patient.

As a reminder, the distribution of Rick and Morty season 5 will start on June 21.