This Saturday, June 5, 2021, RK was arrested by the police following suspicion of domestic violence. According to his companion, the rapper would indeed have attacked her by striking her in particular two punches and a slap, which would have resulted in 4 days of ITT. A serious matter, which is far from over.

RK soon to be tried for violence

Also, despite a current freedom under judicial control following two nights spent in police custody at the Chessy police station, it has just been announced that the rapper will soon be brought to justice. While the young woman chose to file a complaint, Laureline Peyrefitte – public prosecutor of Meaux, told 20 minutes that RK (Ryad Kartoum of his real name) was now referred to the Meaux prosecutor’s office, “He is summoned to the hearing on August 11 to be tried for acts of violence against his wife“.

At the moment, we do not yet know what the rapper’s concrete risk in this affair. If the prosecutor chooses not to prosecute him, he could face a simple call to the law or to a accountability internship. Otherwise, it is a penalty of up to 3 years in prison and € 45,000 fine that could be pronounced. However, if the prosecutor confides that he “minimizes the facts“Today, RK would still be ready to collaborate. According to the newspaper, he would have”partially acknowledged the facts, evoking an argument with the one who shares his life“, which could work in his favor this summer.

As a reminder, RK had just teased the upcoming arrival of 100 Grudges, his fourth album. However, with a release date announced on July 2, 2021, just one month before his hearing, we do not yet know if the rapper will maintain this project when he could have his head elsewhere.