Revealed in 2018 with his first album Insolent, RK was ready to return to center stage with their 4th album. The rapper from Meaux announced on June 3 the release of his new opus, “100 Grudges”, scheduled for July 2, also unveiling the cover on his Instagram account. Except that the star would now be at the heart of a legal case, announced 20 minutes.

RK suspected of domestic violence

According to the newspaper, RK (Ryad Kartoum of his real name) would have been placed in custody this Saturday June 5 around noon. The rapper would be suspected of domestic violence on his mate. The latter would have alerted her mother on Saturday after being the victim of beatings, specifies the newspaper. It was then the mother of the alleged victim who alerted the police. The young woman would have explained to have been the victim of two punches and a slap. She would have received four days of total incapacity for work.

Once there, the police would have caught the rapper in the act. An arrest filmed since a video circulated on the networks. Always according to 20 minutes, RK would have partially acknowledged the facts during his custody. He would have hinted that it would be an argument with his partner. He should be referred this Monday, June 7 to the prosecutor’s office in Meaux. Recall that RK is presumed innocent until a possible judgment.