Maria Sobocińska (Paulina) confessed that intimacy coordinators help to “set certain limits”

After Sex Education (whose season 3 is long overdue), the new sexo series on Netflix named Sexify. And she is Polish. The actresses Aleksandra Skraba (Natalia), Sandra Drzymalska (Monika) and Maria Sobocińska (Paulina) confided in the sex scenes at kultura.onet. They notably mentioned the privacy coordinators on the set of season 1 of Sexify. These are there to successfully shoot the intimate scenes in the series in complete safety.

Maria Sobocińska explained:With a partner, director or intimacy coordinator, it is interesting to talk about how a scene unfolds, what I wouldn’t like, what I would like. There are questions, answers and it definitely sets certain limits. Later, on the set, you can concentrate on acting “.

“However, I think sometimes these probing questions and suggesting that the scene is very difficult can cast doubt on the actor, cause him to really perceive it that way. a subjective opinion “ she clarified about sex scenes (which are sometimes criticized in some series). Butit is really worth setting limits and talking about doubts and rulesshe admitted, because by calling on an intimacy coordinator, “so an intimate scene can be a normal scene like any other.

“Thanks to them, I didn’t feel any danger” added Sandra Drzymalska (Monika)

Sandra Drzymalska for her part admitted that, like Maria Sobocińska, she did not necessarily feel the urge to talk about intimate scenes. “Each of us is different and each of us has our limits elsewhere. We are actors and one person needs to speak during the scene, and another person doesn’t. Like Maria, I didn’t need a long conversation about it she explained.

But I have to admit that the coordinators were very necessary, because I have the most intimate scenes of the series she still confided.Thanks to them, I didn’t feel any danger. I was comfortable working, me and my partners were the most important in this situation “ she detailed, “I had the impression that, in a given scene, everyone wanted to help, do it in the best and fastest possible way, and do it safely. They were such an intermediary between me and the team. Thanks to the coordinators, there is no way to push an actor beyond his limits, no pressure like ‘you have to do this and that’s it’ “. The interpreter of Daphne Bridgerton in The Bridgertons Chronicle, Phoebe Dynevor, had also confided to have been comfortable for sex scenes thanks to the intimacy coordinators.

Aleksandra Skraba (Natalia): “I used to treat sex scenes like any other scene”

Ditto for Aleksandra Skraba. “I had a lot of trouble at the beginning to get started in this collaboration with the intimacy coordinators she revealed. “And I came to a sad conclusion: it’s because we’re not used to security. The fact that we have time to think about how we want to play a difficult scene, how to show the body that it can be difficult and that it is normal to see it that way “ she said, I used to treat these scenes like any other scene. I was like, ‘After all, I’m a master builder, why would I have a problem with this? Let’s say I’m just a shy, embarrassed actress. ‘ No one ever gave me the chance to feel if I was ready to do it “.

The actress added: “I didn’t get used to the coordinators until a bit later. It took me a while before I could take advantage of their help and see that it is very valuable. It aims to educate everyone, to broaden our empathy, not to forget that we are above all human beings “.


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