Film event during the containment last spring, Spenser Confidential, worn by Mark Wahlberg, will have the right to the 2nd episode on Netflix. Peter Berg confirmed the news, a sequel is already in preparation.
Soon a sequel for Spenser Confidential

Spenser Confidential is clearly not the film of the year, but this action-comedy by Mark Wahlberg at least had the merit of changing our minds during the containment put in place last spring to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. And obviously, many subscribers to the platform watched it to be entertained during this sad period since the film was so successful that it was followed by a sequel.

It was director Peter Berg who confirmed the news to Collider, as suggested by the end of Spenser Confidential, the adventures of Spenser (Wahlberg) and Hawk (Winston Duke) are far from over, “Brian Helgeland, who wrote the first screenplay, has just written a first draft of the sequel. So yes, we’re definitely going to do a Spenser Confidential 2. Now we’re just trying to get organized for the planning“.

A project that will take its time

Because yes, that’s the little bad news on this subject, we will have to be patient before hoping to discover this new episode on Netflix. According to Peter Berg, the ideal scenario would be a start of production “at the end of 2021, or early 2022“, which gives us hope that it will be available on the streaming site around the end of 2022, early 2023.

Why such delays? Simply because everyone is already busy elsewhere. The director remembered, “Mark Wahlberg is currently in Germany shooting a film [Uncharted, editor’s note] and I’m also going to do something else before then“. But don’t worry, no matter how much time passes, the duo will be together again in the future, “We’re really going to do it. I’m even certain that Mark and I will continue making films together at 85, 90 years old. We love working together“.

The good thing is that it gives time for the virus to go away and saves us from having to watch it again in confinement?


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