Without much surprise in view of the consequences of the finale of season 3, season 4 of Stranger Things will be worn by many new faces. Rest assured, your favorite heroes will be back (except Hopper’s mustache), but this time they will be accompanied by several new characters. And while waiting to discover them in action on Netflix, the official Twitter account of the series has already officially presented them.

4 new heroes in Stranger Things

Vickie, played by Amybeth McNulty (seen in Anne with an E), is described as “a nerd as cool as talkative“when she masters her subject, which goes quickly”hit the eye of a group member.” The couple Mike / Eleven already in danger ? First hope for a normal life for Will?

Patrick, played by Myles Truitt (seen in Kin: The Beginning), will be a talented Hawkins basketball player with a dream life. However, his daily life will change following a “shocking event“Who will make him lose control of things. New target of the Mind Flayer? Future danger to the gang?

Ms Kelly, played by Regina Ting Chen (seen in Black Lightning), is heralded as a guidance counselor adored by her students for whom she has great affection, especially those who struggle the most. It remains to be seen who she will be linked with this season. Will Will approach her to tell her about his recent traumas?

Chrissy, played by Grace Van Dien (seen in Lady Driver), will emerge as a powerful cheerleader, with the status of the most popular girl in her establishment. However, behind the appearances of his perfect life is “will hide a dark secret“. Was she a lab subject, like Eleven? Based on a recent season 4 teaser Stranger Things, such a revelation would not be surprising.