What should you know about Sundy Jules?

It was in 2015 that Sundy Jules posted his first video on YouTube and launched his official channel. A channel, which now has more than 1 million subscribers, on which he shares vlogs, anecdotes about his life, FAQs, challenges or even videos with his friends Sullivan Gwed, Danaë Bessin, MademoiselleGloria or again Bilal Hassani. But in parallel with his career as an influencer, Jules also devotes himself to his other passion present since his childhood: music.

He learns the piano on his own with tutorials on YouTube, takes singing lessons and posts covers on social networks. Sundy Jules does not give up and his tenacity pays off as he signed with Aldam Production / Universal Music France in 2019 and released today his very first single, titled Echo.

An intimate and personal first single in which he confides in his career, fame and his very strong relationship with music. Even if it took him a long time to really get started, Jules is now ready to pursue his dream as a singer: he is already working on his second single, scheduled for early June.


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