What is this Super League story?

12 huge European clubs formalized on Sunday evening their desire to create a new competition: a semi-closed Super League which would bring together heavyweights from different European championships. Even those who are not interested in football have necessarily heard of these legendary clubs at one time or another: Real Madrid, Barça, and Atlético de Madrid on the Spanish side, Inter Milan, AC Milan. , Juventus for Italy, and finally Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham for England. No French or German club has yet formalized to be part of this project but “three more clubs will join them ahead of the inaugural season, which will take place as soon as possible“, specifies the press release.

What would it change, concretely?

If the project goes to the end, the clubs which would participate in this Super League would then leave the Champions League, aka the biggest European football competition. To caricature, it’s as if countries like France, Brazil, Italy and Spain for example decided to no longer participate in the World Cup and created their own competition which would bring together only the biggest countries.

Why do we talk about earthquakes and war?

Obviously, UEFA, the institution that manages the Champions League, is furious. Several threats have already been mentioned against the clubs that would join this project:

Exclusion from official competitions (Champions League, Europa League and Conference League). The least threat since these clubs seek precisely to leave these competitions.
Exclusion from their championship and national cups. Real and Barça could thus no longer be able to participate in La Liga for example. By going further, PSG would no longer be part of the Ligue 1 championship and would no longer take part in the Coupe de France if it decided to join this Super League.
Exclusion from all international competitions players belonging to clubs participating in this Super League. Concretely, many French players like Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembélé (Barça), Raphaël Varane (Real), Hugo Lloris (Tottenham), N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea), Paul Pogba and Adrien Rabiot (Juventus) or Anthony Martial (Manchester) United) could no longer play for the Blues.

For the moment, nothing has been done. No player has really spoken but all could find themselves facing a difficult dilemma: leave their club to join a team that does not participate in this Super League, or agree to participate but deprive themselves of international competition. Clearly, the love of the national jersey VS the love of monstrous checks and the desire to participate in a new era.


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