Home Movie Tamara 3: soon a sequel with Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti?

Tamara 3: soon a sequel with Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti?

Tamara 3: soon a sequel with Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti?

Soon a Tamara 3 ?

It was on July 4, 2018 that the film Tamara Vol. 2 went out to the movies. Almost three years later, is a sequel in the pipeline? The answer is… no. A disappointment as the cinematographic saga carried by Heloise Martin and Rayane Bensetti quickly became iconic, but a situation that is by no means fixed.

During a previous interview with Purebreak, the interpreter of Tamara revealed that a third film was not impossible. After confiding, “we would be delighted to do a trilogy“, Héloïse Martin reminded us that the saga had already foiled the prognosis in the past,”We weren’t supposed to do a second, but the first worked. People asked for more“. You got it, if you dream of a new episode, it’s time to come forward.

Rayane Bensetti’s warning

And on the side of the interpreter Diego? The bell sound is the same. Nevertheless, while Rayane Bensetti is currently preparing a film with Kev Adams, he quickly made it clear to us that he wasn’t ready to come back for anything, “We will have to do better for the 3, otherwise there will be none“.

According to the actor, it will absolutely be necessary to find a legitimate scenario and not simply to surf the hype of the public, “If we do a 3 it’s because there is a logical sequence and it happens again a few years later, that we go through another stage of life. It has to be a beautiful movie“. A reassuring statement, since it gives us hope for a (possible) quality follow-up.

Very close actors

Until the writers find the perfect idea and the producers give the green light to a Tamara 3, know that Héloïse Martin and Rayane Bensetti have not lost contact. On the contrary, the two stars regularly spend time together and have even just taken part in a new shoot.

This Wednesday, June 9, 2021, the duo was indeed on the sets of District Z, the TF1 zombie show. And if we trust their stories on Instagram, their bond is still present, as is their love for the franchise, evidenced by their use of the first names of the characters as nicknames. In other words, in the event of a sequel, it shouldn’t be difficult to convince them to end up in front of the camera.