The 100’s seven season journey is only one episode away from the end and fans fear the worst. Could the series end with a reset?

After seven years of good and loyal service, The 100 will retire… There is only one episode left before the end of the adventures of Clarke and the other survivors of the Earth… and they are few! In episode 15 of season 7 of The 100, Clarke lived a new drama. Madi found herself in a vegetative state while Emori was impaled by an iron bar …
In this seventh and final season of The 100, many deaths are to be deplored and break our hearts.
What is going to happen in the Final Series of this flagship CW show?
Will the survivors of Earth have a more or less happy ending?
Is it possible that the writers have opted for a story reset?

The 100 is not the kind of series that will guarantee a happy ending, but everything seems so miserable for most of the main characters that one wonders what the outcome will be. Even if the last war is actually a final test leading to transcendence, it is unlikely that the ending can be emotionally satisfying after the last critical episodes. Unless, of course, there is a reset …
The possibilities are endless with The 100, Clarke could wake up after a long dream or all the characters could die and be reunited after death… In any case, if the series proposes a reset to correct some of what went wrong and led to so much misery for those characters we’ve been watching for so long in the finale, we wouldn’t be against it. For the moment, the mystery is still there, but while waiting to find out more, discover the ideal chronology to find your way with season 7 of The 100.


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