The Batman universe is about to expand. Indeed, between the film of Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson and the series Gotham PD, the world of Batman has not finished fascinating us. However, these aren’t the only projects currently in development related to the most famous DC character as the Nightwing-centric cinematic spin-off is still in development, according to its director. Indeed, interviewed on the occasion of the promotion of The Tomorrow War through CinemaBlend, Chris McKay returned to the project announced by Warner by confiding: “I hope it’s still a reality. I hope we can make this movie. From my perspective, it’s not lost yet.”

Nightwing. – Credit (s): DC Comics

A news that should appeal to fans of the superhero, especially since projects like New gods and The Trench were eventually removed from the DC line-up. Initially, the project on Nightwing was meant to be a spin-off movie of the Batfleck story. However, given that the studios do not wish to pursue the SnyderVerse, it is very likely that the production wants to offer Dick Grayson his own story, independent of that of Batman. This is also an element that Chris McKay underlined during the interview, explaining that “Nightwing [serait] a great movie full of action and emotion. “ It remains to be seen, however, whether Warner will launch the spin-off project soon. Given the interest in the Batman universe, between the film with Robert Pattinson and the return of Michael Keaton in The Flash, it’s a safe bet that the studios capitalize on these elements and quickly formalize its production. It is only a matter of time in our opinion!