You thought Homelander was the worst superhero in The Boys? You hadn’t seen anything yet. In season 2 of the series available on Amazon Prime Video, Stormfront is finally introduced to the aka cast as the most sadistic and vicious heroine in comics, played by Aya Cash. Yes, “the heroine” since the creator of the fiction has voluntarily changed the sex of the character vis-à-vis the comic book. And the reason for this is excellent. Beware spoilers.

It is in the first episodes of season 2 of The Boys, which has just started airing on Prime Video, that Stormfront is finally introduced to the screen. Embodied by Aya Cash, this new superhero turns out to be as powerful as crazy, to the point of making Homelander look like a teddy bear.

Homelander’s worst nightmare

Yet, as fans of the comics, the series is based on knowledge, this character doesn’t really look like the one imagined by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. In American comics, Stormfront is actually an extremely imposing man who immediately reminds us of a Nazi version of Superman. Quite the opposite of what the heroine worn by Aya Cash during her first steps in Amazon fiction brings.

A mistake on the part of the creators? On the contrary. Eric Kripe – the daddy of the series, confided at a press conference, this decision was well thought out. According to him, the feminization of Stormfront was the best possible idea, “We wanted to create Homelander’s worst nightmare. And his worst nightmare is simply a strong woman who is not afraid of him and who is able to steal the light from him“. The creator went on to point out with delight, that where Homelander has always done the beautiful, he now finds himself powerless, “I think this is something that hurts him even harder than if it were a man to his face because it actually hides a gigantic feeling of insecurity“.

A more realistic version of the world

The other reason Eric Kripke changed the sex of Stormfront was his desire to shock and unsettle us. We will discover it throughout season 2, this heroine embodies the worst possible values of the human being. And in the era of the Trump Government and some of its radical supporters, it seemed interesting to her to upset the codes and preconceived ideas on this subject, which are the strength of such movements.

Today, if you go on social networks, you can see that a lot of negative movements and hateful thoughts are brought in a more worked out and the more media-friendly way” he remembered. “You have to stop keeping this image of these old men with the neat haircuts that we had in the 60s. Here Stormfront represents these movements led by young people trying to attract a new generation [to these hate ideologies] and we wanted to show how insidious this can be“.


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