Season 2 of The Boys had already gone up a notch in terms of violence and totally crazy scenes With regard to season 1. Good news, the creators seem able to go even further. In any case, this is just implied Laz Alonso, the interpreter of Mother’s Milk.

An ultra bloody season 3

Currently on promotion for the film The Wrath of Man in which he holds one of the main roles, the actor indeed took advantage of an interview with Collider to reveal some details about the sequel. And to listen to him, the blood will once again flow freely on the screen.

I’ll leave you with that: when I was speaking with one of the chief artistic makeup artists, notably in charge of ordering fake blood, she told me that for the whole of season 2, in terms of volume tapped, they have barely used 5 liters of blood, believe it or not“He said. However, this total should totally explode in the next episodes,”For season 3 [dont le tournage est en cours, ndlr] more than 15 liters of blood have already been used. So that should give you some indication of what’s going on in the plot.“. Translation: we will have the right to increasingly badass clashes.

Much darker characters

To this day, it is obviously impossible to know who will own all this blood. Nevertheless, Laz Alonso did not hide that Jensen Ackles – newcomer to the casting who will play Soldier Boy, the first superhero in this world, could be the cause.

After describing The Boys like a series “darker and darker“, the comedian confessed that this new character will have a real influence on the new plots,”It doesn’t just help Eric Kripke [le créateur] to play with a character who was already historically very dark, it also has the consequence of further darkening all the other Supes around“.

Again we will have to wait to really know what this means, but when we know that season 2 was already worn by a super sadistic Nazi, we can not wait to see how this Soldier Boy could go even further.


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