Watching a series (or a movie) where there are sex scenes when you’re with your family is often very embarrassing. So imagine for the actors of these series … In The Bridgertons Chronicle, we can see several naked scenes, especially with the couples Daphné / Simon and Anthony / Siena. Very choreographed scenes that required the supervision of an intimacy coordinator (we explain how were the sex scenes of the series shot). But turning them and looking at them are two very different things. Regé-Jean Page alias the Duke of Hastings who will not be present in season 2 has for example unveiled the reaction of his relatives to these scenes.

Luke Thompson reveals his technique for avoiding sex scenes

Although he does not appear nude onscreen in Season 1 of The Bridgertons Chronicle, Luke thompson still did everything to avoid the sexy scenes of the series. It must be said that the 32-year-old actor who plays Benedict Bridgerton watched the show with his relatives. And seeing his naked friends isn’t too fun … So how did he manage to avoid that? During a press conference organized on the occasion of the SAG Awards ceremony, the actor confided that he had simply … left the room. “I knew when it was happening so I left them in front of the TV and came back after.“he laughed. A rather effective technique apparently! Since season 2 promises to be even sexier, we imagine that he will reuse this technique when the new episodes are released.

The funny (but embarrassing) anecdote of the interpreter of Hyacinth

Florence Hunt, for her part, has seen a bit too much. The actress who plays Hyacinth is only 14 years old (find out the age of the actors of The Bridgertons) but she wanted to watch the episodes with her parents. Except that there was a bug during its viewing. “My father wanted to play a sex scene but there was a problem with the remote control so the scene was playing on repeat. We looked at each other … It was very embarrassing. ”the teen recalled.


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