After the crazy success of season 1 of The Bridgertons Chronicle, millions of fans around the world are waiting for season 2 of the series on Netflix. We already know that the episodes will this time focus on the love story of Anthony, played by Jonathan bailey. The latter has also teased an equally sexy sequel but also full of surprises. Suffice to say that we can not wait to see the episodes!

No, the shooting of season 2 still hasn’t started

A few weeks ago, Luke Newton who plays Colin Bridgerton on the Netflix series panicked fans and media alike with a set photo … which was actually a Season 1 photo. Many people believed that the shooting of the second season was launched but Nicola Coughlan aka Penelope Featherington denied the info. At a press conference for the SAG Awards (The Bridgertons Chronicle is nominated for several awards including that of the best casting in a dramatic series), the actor returned to this “incident” and confirmed once again that the shooting has not started. “Everyone prepares individually for season 2“confided the actor who we could see in the series The Lodge. He also revealed that a virtual reunion took place. “We can’t wait to be in the same roomadded Golda Rosheuvel, who plays Queen Charlotte.

It’s an exciting season

A large part of the secondary actors was also gathered for this virtual conference. The opportunity to confirm the returns of Will Mondrich (Martins Imhangbe) and Henry Granville (Julian Ovenden) in season 2, the two actors who play them having given some clues about the rest of the series. “Jfeel like it’s a new world, without wanting to say too much. It’s exciting to feel like you are in a new place. It’s an exciting season“assured Martins Imhangbe. As for Jessica Madsen, who plays Cressida Cowper, she teased a narration that could surprise fans of Julia Quinn novels. “It takes an interesting form while respecting the book. I think it will be very interesting.“she confided. Don’t count on them to say more!

Sabrina Bartlett aka Siena Rosso was also present but did not confirm her possible return in season 2 of the series. At the end of season 1, Siena decided to break up for good with Anthony who, heartbroken, decided to get married, but not out of love. In season 2, Daphne’s older brother will set his sights on Edwina Sharma, the “diamond” of the season, which will not really please her older sister, Kate played by Simone Ashley. Discover already 5 things that lie ahead in the Bridgertons Chronicle sequel according to the novel and also everything we know about season 2 of the series.


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