Season 2 of The Bridgertons Chronicle looks very different and not only because the story will now be centered on the love story of Anthony, played by Jonathan bailey. This Friday, we learned that Regé-Jean Page would not reprise his role of Simon in the following. The actor has only signed for one season of the series and decided not to come back. An announcement that pissed off many fans, some even launching a call for boycott and a petition to request the return of the partner of Phoebe dynevor, despite the fact that Simon’s absence was a choice Regé-Jean Page. This Tuesday, the site of the Hollywood Reporter made new revelations behind the scenes of this departure … and confirmed the information which suggested that the actor would have refused a big check to return.

Simon was not originally intended to be part of season 2

Régé-Jean Page’s departure may have shocked fans of The Bridgertons Chronicle but in reality it would always have been expected. This is what The Hollywood Reporter says, who explains that, even before the success of season 1, it was always planned to devote season 2 to the story of Anthony, as is the case in the literary saga of Julia Quinn. Regé-Jean Page had signed for a single season and, originally, Simon was only to appear in the episodes of season 1 and not at all in season 2.

But following the huge success of The Bridgertons Chronicle (the series has become the most viewed program on the platform in a month) and to the popularity of Regé-Jean Page, the production has changed its mind. According to the site, the team contacted the actor’s agents in January to offer to finally return to the series.

The beautiful sum to which Regé-Jean Page said no

In order to persuade Regé-Jean Page to sign for a return, the series would have been ready to go all out. Also according to THR, the production would have offered him a guest star role for three to five episodes (out of eight) with a salary of $ 50,000 (42,000 euros) per episode. According to the DeuxMoi Instagram account which revealed the info this weekend, it could have been the biggest salary of the series. A generous offer that Regé-Jean Page refused, in particular to devote himself to his career (he has already signed for two films since the release of the series).

Despite this disappointment, season 2 of The Bridgertons Chronicle is more than ever in preparation: the reading of the first scenario would have taken place at the beginning of last week and the shooting should therefore begin soon. This Monday, Netflix has confirmed the arrival to the cast of four new actorss, in addition to that of Simone Ashley, chosen to play Kate Sharma, the future contender of Anthony.


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