After The Addams Family, The Incredibles, The Willoughby Family or The Delajungle Family, we present to you Les Mitchell, a family not really like the others either. However, Katie, her parents, Rick and Linda, and her little brother Aaron initially lead very mundane lives, but their daily lives are turned upside down by robots who have landed on Earth to become masters of the world. . Welcome in The Mitchell vs. the Machines, the new animated film from Netflix.

The Mitchell versus the Machines 2?

Upon its release, it placed in the Top 10, but will it be successful enough to get a second installment? Suspense. While awaiting the official response, director Mike Rianda has revealed not be for a sequel of The Mitchell against the machines, except that he still thought about some ideas : “I’ll make sure to dig deeper into some characters like Linda and Aaron, who kind of plays an important role in the film (…) I think for a sequel you want to see things bigger and that the relationships between the characters are more in-depth“, he explains to The Playlist.

Mike Rianda also confided that he would not be against the idea ofa film centered on Linda Mitchell, the mother : “Maya Rudolph (Linda’s voice, editor’s note) is so awesome. For the film, we were only able to use a few parts of her work, so I would love to see her in a second part.” For the time being, Netflix has not announced anything on this subject.


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