Yes Netflix Carbide side series, we do not forget the many films offered by the platform. And among them, animated films often manage to do well. The platform moved us with his Christmas movie The Legend of Klaus or with Journey to the Moon, Oscar nominee 2021. Again, the platform is just aiming with The Mitchell against the machines, already considered as the “best movie of 2021“by several American critics. Yes, just that!

The Mitchell against the machines, what does it say?

Katie Mitchell will finally realize her dream: to go to study in a film school. The young woman often feels misunderstood by her family, especially by her father Rick. In an attempt to put the pieces back together before she leaves the house for good, he decides to drive across the country to drive Katie to college with the whole family. But the journey of reconciliation will turn into an adventure when robots rebel and decide to become the masters of the world. The Mitchell’s will launch into a fight to save the Earth … and it’s not won!

An endearing family

In The Mitchell against the machines, we discover an endearing family (although dysfunctional) in which many spectators could recognize themselves. And it’s not so surprising: Director Mike Rianda explained that he took inspiration from his own experience and his own family to create the characters. One thing that makes it a very human film (the robots in addition!) Which will appeal to young and old alike. In addition to being a family adventure film, The Mitchell against the machines is also interested in strong subjects that affect families such as dependence on screens and technologies for example. Mike Rianda says he hopes his film will allow families to come together and open a dialogue. “My greatest wish is to see families come together thanks to this film“he told Forbes.

A project that took time

Creating a movie or a series is often a long process and it is still the case with this new Netflix production. Before being officially announced by Sony Pictures Animation in 2018, director Mike Rianda had been working on the project for 4 years already. A long road traveled therefore but which was beneficial to the film according to the director. “Since it was an original idea, we had to do our best to prove its potential. But the positive thing about this process is that, although it was difficult, it only made the movie stronger. “ he told The Playlist.

Visual effects that stand out

The Mitchell against the machines is not a film like the others. In the way of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (which was also produced by Sony Pictures Animation) and innovated in animation, it amazes your eyes with its visual effects that mix 3D and 2D and its colorful animations. For the purposes of the film, the team even had to create new ways of working in order to bring the Mitchell’s and their enemies to life. And the result is simply stunning!

The Mitchell against the machines is available on Netflix.


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