On May 18, the Season Finale of season 4 of The Resident was broadcast on Fox. After a particularly turbulent year due to the coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters and the heartbreaking departure of Nina, whose visa was about to expire, the medical team at Chastain Memorial Hospital in Atlanta experienced many tragedies. . However, this final episode of season 4 of The Resident ended on a happy note, especially for the CoNic couple. Nic and Conrad welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Georgiana Grace Hawkins (aka Gigi), in tribute to their late mothers. For their part, Jake and her husband, Gregg, have officially adopted little Sammie while Devon and Leela succumbed to the temptation. But then, what will happen in season 5 of The Resident ? Here is all the info on Fox’s medical series!

When was The Resident season 5 renewed?

Season 5 teaser! – Credit (s): Fox

After long weeks of suspense, Fox delivered its verdict the same day the Season Finale of season 4 of The Resident aired. The medical drama has indeed been renewed for a season 5 by the network! A relief for all fans of the series.

When will season 5 of The Resident air?

A great season
A beautiful season – Credit (s): Fox

Usually The Resident is broadcast during the fall start. If this year has been turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the health situation should improve. Thus, the actors will be able to resume the direction of the filming studios sooner and the fans can hope to find Conrad, Nic and the other characters of season 5 of The Resident around the month of October 2021 on their screens … At least, we hope so!

Who are the characters in season 5 of The Resident?

Conrad – Credit (s): Fox

Conrad is the charm asset of The Resident. Present since the very first episode of the medical series, the doctor has proven to have exemplary composure. Always ready to help his neighbor and his patients, he does not hesitate to put his life in danger. On the heart side, he spins the perfect love with Nic. Together, they had a baby girl in the Season Finale of season 4 of The Resident.

Nic! – Credit (s): Fox

If Conrad is the charm asset, Nic is undoubtedly the heart of Chastain. The nurse is dedicated to her work and does not count her hours. Always taking care of her patients, she is one of the favorite characters of the fans. After having lived through many dramas, she finally tasted happiness in season 4 of The Resident, after her romantic marriage to Conrad as well as the birth of her daughter, Gigi.

Devon – Credit (s): Fox

The doctors at Chastain Memorial Hospital are a big, beautiful family. Devon is one of Conrad and Nic’s best friends. He also had a rough time in Season 4 of The Resident, including the death of his father in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. After an annulled marriage, he finally seems ready to find love again in season 5 of The Resident.

AJ and Mina
AJ and Mina – Credit (s): Fox

If AJ was initially little appreciated, this character has experienced a nice evolution in The Resident. Under his shell, The Raptor has a huge heart. Very romantic, he did not hesitate to prove again and again that he was madly in love with Mina. He was even willing to follow her to Nigeria, but found out her mother had stage 4 cancer.

Dr. Bell
Dr. Bell – Credit (s): Fox

What to say about Randolph Bell … This doctor went through every possible clan and carried out the worst shenanigans. However, in this season 4 of The Resident, he made up for it and did everything to bring good humor and support to all the medical staff.

Billie – Credit (s): Fox

Billie is the new recruit of this season 4 of The Resident. The intern is one of Nic’s best friends and has been there for her pregnancy. Season 5 should shed more light on his character, especially after the final twist of the Season Finale of season 4 and the arrival of his son in his life.

Who are the actors of season 5 of The Resident?

The Resident actors
The actors of The Resident – Credit (s): Fox

  • Conrad Hawkins : Matt Czuchry
  • Nicolette Nevin, Nic for close friends : Emily VanCamp
  • Devon Pravesh : Manish Dayal
  • Randolph Bell : Bruce Greenwood
  • AJ Austin: Malcolm-Jamal Warner
  • Kitt voss : Jane Leeves
  • Billie Sutton : Jessica Lucas
  • Kyle Nevin: Corbin Bernsen
  • Marshall Winthrop: Glenn morshower
  • Conrad Ricamora : Jake Wong

When will season 5 of The Resident be released in France?

No release date is yet scheduled for France … We would have to wait for TF1 to broadcast season 4 of The Resident.

Will The Resident be renewed for a season 6?

We hope !
We hope ! – Credit (s): Fox

If the series The Resident has been renewed in extremis for a season 5, for the moment, no contract stipulates additional seasons. In any case, we can already be satisfied with a fifth season!